Year 8 students head to Borough Market to raise money for food poverty charity

Four UAE students became budding marketeers for the day when they got the opportunity to sell homemade food to raise money for poverty charity Fair Share as part of Borough Marker’s Young Marketeers programme.

Kane, Mattie, Luwol and Denis were taught about food and cookery from some of the Market’s traders, as well as how to sell on the market. During two workshops, the students learnt how to cook spicy root vegetable soup and bake ciabatta bread from scratch before selling it to the public.

“With topics such as waste and climate change high on the agenda for young people – particularly in the last year – events like this are becoming increasingly important for the next generation of Londoners,” said Hatty Cary, of Borough Market.

“By teaching young people where their food has come from, how to grow it and what to make with it while also giving them an awareness of food waste, we hope to inspire young people to take a more sustainable approach to their food in the future.”

The UAE South Bank stall at the world famous market raised £75, resulting in 300 meals being made available for homeless people across London.