At UAE Southbank we provide a broad, innovative curriculum that will enable every pupil to live a good life. We offer students a well rounded education which will enable them to be confident, ambitious and act with social responsibility.  

As Principal I am privileged to work with amazing adults and students who are striving together to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential and pursue the career of their choice. Our school is a friendly school and we pride ourselves on the relationships our staff build with our students, caring for them throughout their education.  

We have thought hard about what we need to teach and how we need to teach it. Our curriculum has been planned to cultivate scholarship, intellect and creativity as our students explore a rich body of knowledge across a broad range of subjects. Through our careers, enrichment and Day 10 programmes, we build their capacity to take advantage of the opportunities this academic education presents and develop their commitment to improve the lives of others in their community and beyond.

Our students will leave our school not just with qualifications showing their academic success, but also with the capacity to think clearly and deeply, a desire to act with integrity and to show kindness and empathy to others, and with the character and experience they need to thrive in the world.

Mr Taylor


Year 7 Applications

The Academy has an admission number of 150 in Year 7 for the school year September 2020/2021

For admissions into the next year’s Year 7, Parents and Carers are required to complete an on-line application form (known as the “Common Application Form” -CAF) which can be found at or will be available from your child’s Primary School.  No applications direct to the Academy can be accepted.

If the deadline for submitting your child’s secondary application has now passed you will not be able to apply online for your child’s secondary school place and you should complete a secondary application form which you can download from the Southwark Council website:, alternatively, you can request for a paper secondary application form from the school admissions team from Southwark council (School admissions team (4th floor), Hub 2, children’s services, Southwark Council, PO Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX Tel: 020 7525 5337 Email: to be posted to you instead.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about UAE?

We offer our students a broad, innovative curriculum that will help every child live a good life. 

We do this by providing students with Day 10 – a day a fortnight where students will take part in project based learning where they will create beautiful work or visiting a site of cultural importance, or setting up a social action project. All of our students have access to a comprehensive enrichment programme which runs after school 3.45-5pm Monday -Thursday.

Where are you situated?

We are nestled in the heart of a fantastic community. Between the vibrant East Street Market and Burgess Park. We value our community and have great links with the Walworth Living Room, Peckham Town FC and our PFA.

What is Day 10?

Day 10 is a day once every fortnight in which every pupil in Year 7-10 will take part in activities which broaden their curriculum. In Year 7-9 this has ranged from building a garden on our roof, setting up a hydroponics station in the science lab, building bamboo bicycles, helping decorate the Walworth Living Room, building an innovative and sustainable idea to support the UN development goals. In Year 10 students take on projects which link to their ambitions – we have a group of students working with an Architecture firm to solve a real world problem, we have groups who are getting coached by Salesforce executives in building their brand, we have students undertaking coaching qualifications in sports. 

We guarantee that each student will go on at least six visits a year with us in Day 10 – we take students to places of cultural interest such as the Barbican, Kew Gardens, the British Museum, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and in the Summer we take a boat ride down the Thames. We want students to experience the full range of activities that London has to offer. Every year group has the opportunity to see a live theatre performance every year and we work with a range of specialist partners to deliver high quality Dance and Drama workshops.

What kinds of enrichment activities do you offer?

We have an annual drama production involving a live band and dance performances. We football, netball, basketball, Choir, Steel Pan Band, UAE STEAM Ahead, Book Club, Mathletes, Debate Mate, Creative Writing, Textiles Club. Our Year 7 & 8 students can take part in the Brilliant Club where they are tutored by a PhD student in a subject of their choice to help develop their written communication to prepare them for academic university study.  We also offer Duke of Edinburgh to Year 9-10.

What kind of Pastoral Support do you offer?

Each pupil will be placed in a form (in liaison with Year 6 parents and pupils) and they will stay with that form tutor until they leave in Year 11. This means your form tutor will get to know you and help you navigate the challenges that each year brings. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified, experienced Heads of Year who do not teach. They are always available to support students and instil the highest expectations of our students. We also have Senior Leaders linked to every year group to offer an additional layer of support and to ensure our curriculum is providing the right levels of challenge and support for our pupils. 

We deliver PSHE and Global Citizenship in form time so that students can explore challenges that life brings as you grow up as well as discussing global topical issues. 

Why Confidence, Ambition and Social Responsibility?

We use these as our core values because we believe that they will help our students live a good life. We actively instil these values in our students by creating a culture where every contribution is valued, by giving students agency over the projects and enrichment opportunities they undertake. By actively engaging students in social action campaigns within the local community we are helping students become responsible citizens for their community and the wider world.

Will my child be happy at your school?

Yes! We are a truly comprehensive school where everyone is accepted and valued. We are a friendly school and we look after each other. Our staff go above and beyond for our pupils to ensure they get the best opportunities and to reach their full potential.

How else do you support your students?

We want to close the digital divide and believe that no student should be disadvantaged by not having access to technology. Therefore, provide every student with a chromebook when they join us, so that no matter if they are unable to come to school they can access their learning. Each student will receive a secure locker with a charging point in it so students can use their chromebook whilst in school too. All of our students are also given essential equipment such as a pencil case with pen, pencil, ruler, notebook and a school bag when they join us.

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