As a result of the feedback many of you provided at the end of the last module we have made some changes to our Home Learning timetable and expectations for this module.

The new timetable below shows the lessons you will be set every day. Please note that there is no longer a week A or B but all weeks will follow the same timetable. In addition, there will be the following activities set during the course of the week but will not have a set day:

PE and Dance 

These will be produced over the course of the coming weeks and can be accessed via the school Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqcacbeVNTvFLpVIH2nab5Q

You should aim to do some form of physical exercise 2 to 3 times a week as a minimum.  


Projects will be set by Ms Bloor for Year 7-9 and further information on these will follow soon.

Teachers will set the lessons in the form of assignments in Google classroom for you to hand in. You will be able to ‘turn in’ work up to 11:59pm of the night before the next lesson. For example: A year 8 English lesson is accessed on Monday with an assignment set. The next year 8 lesson is scheduled to be accessed on Wednesday so the teacher will set the deadline for handing in the assignment for Tuesday 11:59pm.

Click here for the latest Live and Recorded Lessons timetable

If you have any questions then please email either your Head of House or the SLT link for your Year group.

Year 11 lessons have been changed to Year 12 Prep sessions and Mr Moore and the 6th Form team have been in contact with you regarding these.

Year 12 lessons will continue as normal.

Year 13 lessons have finished and resources to support you with the transition to the next stage in your careers will be posted by the 6th Form Team.  Mr Young has been in touch via email to explain.