UAE South Bank Sixth Form

Our Virtual Sixth Form Induction Day is happening on Tuesday 7 July. This is an opportunity for students to experience a day in the life of a Sixth Form student by attending taster lessons, having a virtual tour, and joining a Q&A session. Check your emails for more information or read the letter sent to all Sixth Form applicants.

If you have any questions please email Mr Young, Head of Sixth Form.

For most students, Sixth Form is the best part of their time at school. You will be able to concentrate on the subjects that you find the most interesting, with more freedom to plan your time and more privileges and opportunities for leadership. We will be given greater ownership of your learning and progress as you transform into an independent learner.

Why choose UAE Sixth Form?

We offer a bespoke curriculum and strong teaching, combined with state-of-the-art facilities to help you maximise your learning and progress. There will be considerable opportunities to develop your leadership skills in tandem with a greater sense of responsibility, and to prepare as a young adult for the next stage of your education.

Opportunities to succeed

Sixth Form will create many new opportunities for you, that will help you succeed in your career, higher education or apprenticeship. You will be expected to develop your intellectual and cultural interests, and to broaden your knowledge and horizons.

Leading by example

As senior members of the school, your example will be watched and followed by younger pupils. You will have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills from mentoring younger students and being part of our Student Leadership Team through to testing yourself on extracurricular activities such as Outward Bound and the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Create your future

Your priority will be the subjects you have chosen to study. Some students already have a good idea of the career they would like to follow and select subjects with that in mind, but education can be more than that – it is important to choose the subjects you find most rewarding, for it will be in those that you will be most successful. It is our confident belief that you will leave UAE after two enjoyable and challenging years, more than prepared for Higher Education and life beyond.

LSBU Group

We are part of the London South Bank University (LSBU) Group.Being part of an exciting educational group means our students have access to incredible support and opportunities. We regularly work with academics from within the university on enhancing our curriculum. Our students have access to incredible facilities, placement opportunities and advice.

We work within the group to ensure every student is ready for the next step in their lives; wither that be progression within the group, an apprenticeship or degree or full-time employment.