Sixth Form

The transition from Year 11 to Year 12 marks an important and exciting new stage in your school career. Here at UAE, we offer a bespoke curriculum and strong teaching, combined with state of the art facilities to help you maximise your learning and progress. There will be considerable opportunities to develop your leadership skills in tandem with a greater sense of responsibility, and to prepare as a young adult for the next stage of your education.

The majority of students find that the Sixth Form is the most enjoyable part of their time at school: Students are able to concentrate on those subjects that interest them most, they are given more freedom to plan their time, more privileges and many more opportunities for leadership. To fulfil your potential in the Sixth Form you will need to take greater ownership of your learning and progress. A successful Sixth Former is an independent learner who manages his or her time effectively and is prepared to put in additional time and effort to produce the very best outcomes in academic and extra-curricular pursuits, involving him or herself fully in Sixth Form life.

Many new opportunities will become open to you, and those prepared to contribute to the life of the school will gain immeasurably. You will be expected to develop your intellectual and cultural interests, and to broaden your knowledge and horizons.

As senior members of the school, your example will be watched and followed by younger pupils. You will have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills from mentoring younger students and being part of our Student Leadership Team through to testing yourself on extracurricular activities such as Outward Bound and the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Your priority, however, will be the subjects you have chosen to study. Some students already have a good idea of the career they would like to follow and select subjects with that in mind, but education is not exclusively vocational – it is important to choose, as far as possible, the subjects you find most rewarding, for it will be in those that you will be most successful. It is our confident belief that you will leave UAE after two enjoyable and challenging years, more than prepared for Higher Education and life beyond.

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