Remote Learning

This page is for information and is updated from time to time if new information becomes available.

In the event of a full or partial closure, UAE South Bank is committed to providing continuity of education to its students and will do so through a process of remote (online) learning.

While the school is closed to face to face teaching, online learning will take place via the Google Classroom platform

Live online lessons will run for students and will be delivered through the Google Meet links that they will find in their Google Classroom. Students should follow their normal timetable and attend all of the online lessons.


Students will need to attend lessons according to their normal school timetables. We will be sending out individual copies of these timetables to them in a separate email. They should use these to make sure they attend every lesson through Google classroom at the right time.

Vulnerable students and children of key workers.

Children of key worker parents and vulnerable students are entitled to attend school in person from Tuesday 5th January. If you are a key worker or if your child has an Educational Health Care Plan and requires on site provision please fill in the form provided in this link . You do not need to complete it again if you have done so already.

Support with online learning at home.

If your child is struggling because they don’t have an appropriate device to do their work on, such as a desktop or laptop computer, then you should contact their Head of Year. We will be able to provide a chromebook for them to use at home for the duration of the school closure. If they are struggling due to your data allowance then we can help with this as well. Also contact your child’s Head of Year about this.

Do they have a space where they can comfortably do their work each day? If this is difficult then you can borrow one of our exam desks. These can be folded away at the end of each school day. If you would like one of these then please come to the school reception to ask for one. You will need to transport it home yourself and it must be returned once the school re-opens again.

Exam desk in use.jpg
Exam desk folded away.jpg