Careers Education

Welcome to UAE South Bank Higher Education and Careers. We will be working with students to enhance their understanding of the current labour market as well as explore their options in Higher Education, Apprenticeships and future careers.

Our aim is to ensure we equip all of our pupils with the necessary tools and confidence so that they may be ready to take on the world of work. We will also be striving to provide the best support that we can offer in order to help each of our students succeed with any applications or programmes they wish to undertake.

Over the course of the academic year, we will be working with all students in various activities and would like to ask parents to help support us in doing so. We want to ensure that each student gets a chance to develop an understanding of what it means to work and what they would like to work towards. Having the support of parents would also be of great value in creating a cohesive approach and collaborative attitude toward Higher Education and Careers.

Our aim for 2020 is to ensure each year group experiences and gains knowledge in the following areas:

Year 7: Introduction in to work and higher education

Year 8: The job market today

Year 9: Pathways in to careers and higher education

Year 10: The world of work

Year 11: Higher education, Jobs and Apprenticeships

Year 12 & 13: Experience and pathways after school

Further details of various activities and events for each year group will be published as and when we are able to secure dates and confirm. We ask parents to support the school and our students by encouraging their children to be as involved as possible and attend as many programmes on offer to make full use of every opportunity presented to them.

Many employers will expect students to have a CV and a personal statement at hand. We advise students to have one prepared if they are intending on participating in any Careers or Apprenticeship fairs. For guidance on how to construct a CV and a cover letter, please click this link below:

If you are a student or a parent wanting to know more about higher education, courses and different universities then please follow this link:

If you are a student or a parent wanting to know more about Apprenticeships in England, then please follow this link:

If any parent wishes to speak to a member of the Careers team about any concerns they may have or need any support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school or email: