The Enrichment Programme aims to offer our students experiences and activities that go beyond the national curriculum. We want every individual to extend their skills and talents in a range of areas, and this booklet gives you an insight into the clubs and activities available to our students.

The Programme is part of the school week, taking place from 3:40pm to 5pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We expect that students should attend at least one of these sessions.

Each activity runs for the duration of 2 modules, so students can make three choices over the course of the year. Whilst numbers are limited for some courses, we hope that these regular changes will allow every individual to try their first preference at some point.  Some of the courses have accreditation attached to them; others will simply enrich your CV and any applications for education or employment placements.

There are many other programmes and opportunities that our students engage in every year that aren’t listed here.

One of the organisations we work with are RESTORE THE MUSIC UK, a registered charity which seeks to reinstate access to music for every child in primary and secondary schools across London.