Welcome from our Sponsor

The University Academy of Engineering South Bank operates as part of South Bank Academies Academies Trust. Sponsored by London South Bank University, SBA is a pioneering development offering a unique combination of art and engineering, within the  broad Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) frame work. The Academy has committed itself to preparing young people with a well-grounded academic curriculum, but with a pedagogy that equips students to thrive in an evolving digital work  environment. Supported by London South Bank University, the Academy’s students will learn  through research, design and problem solving in purpose designed physical and digital spaces.

The Academy will work collaboratively with business and industry, as well as the learned societies, such as the Royal Academy of Engineering to ensure that the students experience a  real world context to their learning.
Working with London South Bank University and industry partners, the Academy’s Trust has committed itself to ensuring the career success of every student through innovative learning and personal development support.

I welcome you to review the information on the Academy’s website and I very much hope that  you will join me and the Trust in further developing this innovative Academy to prepare the future leaders for the industry and business.

Nicole Louis

Chair Local Governing Body