Our Ethos and Values


We believe that for our students to be able to achieve their ambitions in life they should have the opportunity to make decisions about their school and their learning. So we allow students to make choices about the courses they study and the activities they engage in. They set up and run their own societies and Enrichment activities. The student leadership team is given significant responsibilities around the school. And the student council leads on projects throughout the year.


We have carefully designed the school experience to ensure all our students are constantly challenged in ways that support their development. The excellent levels of engagement in lessons and our teachers’ high expectations mean all students are challenged in every lesson. Stimulating lessons stretch learners and encourage deep thinking.

We provide excellent teaching of a knowledge based curriculum that ensures students achieve high academic standards and qualifications. So that they can take advantage of the opportunities these qualifications can provide we also focus on building their confidence, ambition and sense of social responsibility.