Letters Sent Home this Academic Year
21/04/2017  Letter from the Assistant Vice Principal: Parents' Evening Year 7

11/01/2018 Letter from Principal about Expectations regarding students' Engagement in Lessons  and UAE Classroom Engagement Expectations

19/12/2017  End of Term Letter to Parents December 2017

19/12/2017  Letter about Year 10 Mock Exams

30/11/2017  Letter about GCSE Physical Education Meeting 

01/11/2017  Letter about GCSE Information Evening 09.11.2017

19/10/2017  Local Governor's letter to Families

13/10/2017  Letter informing about Reports - Progress table

22/09/2017  Communication with Students' Community Managers and Leaders

19/09/2017  Letter about Homework

13/07/2017  Letter from our CEO about the Ofsted Report  please click here to view the Ofsted Report



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