ABM are delighted to be the chosen caterer for the University Academy of Engineering South Bank from September 2014.
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A Warm Welcome to ABM

ABM are delighted to be the chosen caterer for the University Academy of Engineering South Bank from September 2014. Our company nutritionist, Danielle Bretherton, has been busy working with our team of chefs to create exciting menus ahead of the new Academy year, and these will be available to view on this website shortly.

Your child’s health and happiness is the key driving force behind abm catering’s values and we feel every child deserves the best quality of food and nutrition. It’s only natural to be concerned about whether your child is eating the right things, getting enough food and enjoying what’s on the menu. That’s why we put so much effort into getting our menus right!

Our menus reflect the seasons to ensure we can always use the freshest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. By buying in fresh ingredients from quality producers, we can guarantee that your child is getting a nutritious and delicious meal every day.


All students will be encouraged to take part in Family Service at lunchtime. This means that they dine at a designated table with other members of their Community, including staff, to help lay out crockery and cutlery, serve the food and then clear away. We believe this is an extremely important part of the Academy day, as it helps to foster a spirit of co-operation and ensures students maintain healthy eating habits and good table manners – all good life skills!

Students are all served the same hot main course, followed by pudding, with water available at each table. If a student is vegetarian or vegan, they will be given an appropriate alternative. Other dietary requirements will also be accommodated where possible – parents and carers will simply need to notify the Academy of with the details and we will contact you to discuss them. 

The cost of lunch is £2.10 per day. We will be contacting you soon with details of the payment process. If your child is entitled to Free School Meals there will be no charge for their lunch.

Our chefs have also been working hard to create a special Theme Day Calendar for the forthcoming academic year. Look out for the Academy’s special theme days, which will appear monthly throughout the year. Take a look at our weekly menu.

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