No matter which pathway students decide to take, we would like to make sure that they have the knowledge, experience and understanding of the direction they are taking. We ask that students make informed decisions and take advice on board, as well as take advantage of the opportunities around them.

We have provided students with materials and website links we think would be most informative and beneficial to them however, we recommend that students conduct as much independent research as possible and use the resources provided to them. They will always be welcome to speak to anyone on the Careers team, or a member of staff should they need further support.

If you are in year 11 and would like to know about all the different options that you may have please follow the link below:

For further pathways and if you wish to know more about what your options are after School or College, then please visit All About School Leavers website:

Alternatively, if you simply wish to take a gap year to gain further enriching experience and broadening your network base then use the link below to explore more ideas:

We also recommend visiting the ‘Sutton Trust’ website as they will have national and international links conducting summer schools and other resources.

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