Welcome to UAE South Bank Post 16

 “To be inspired and supported to achieve your aspirations and become the STEAM professionals of the future’

Post 16 at UAE South Bank is a pioneering place to study for a career in STEAM related industries. The support of our sponsors London South Bank University combined with strong links with leading STEAM businesses such as Costain, Lendlease, Thalis, HoK and Atkins (along with many others) ensures that the opportunities available to our students are exceptional.

UAE South Bank offers the opportunity for young people to study, socialise and develop in a structured and caring environment. Progress is monitored and shared with the students and their parents. We believe this is the environment and structure where students can achieve their potential and develop the study and social skills required for Higher Education and the world of work. 

Post 16 students develop their leadership skills by being role models for the lower school, taking up roles within the Student Leadership Team, Peer Mentoring younger students and by representing the school in the community and even nationally. Equally students can access the impressive range of extra-curricular opportunities in STEAM, Sport, Music, Drama and many other areas.

They also receive guidance and counselling on a whole range of issues from study skills to careers, higher education and financial matters.  Our Destination Pathways are bespoke and all students benefit from individualised work experience tailored to their future career aspirations.

Ultimately it is the quality of teaching and learning which distinguishes our Post 16 and we are proud of the progress that our first cohort has made which will equip them all with the qualifications and skills needed to thrive in the modern world.


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