Post 16 Potential Course Booklet

Dear Year 11 students,

September 2019 will be a hugely significant date in the development of UAE South Bank 6th Form.  This will be the month when the first ‘home grown’ students walk through the doors as members of our newly expanded Year 12 cohort.  Not only will the numbers of students in the year group rise significantly to 75 but the range of subjects we offer at A Level will also need to broaden to cater for the increased breadth of interests.  In addition to the A level courses next year, we will also offer a Level 3 BTEC in Engineering and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  The BTEC is a vocational course which means it has less emphasis on exams and a substantial coursework element (this requires the students to be extremely organised throughout the 2 years) - Level 3 BTEC’s are equivalent to A Levels and Level 2 are equivalent to GCSE’s. The EPQ is a highly regarded qualification (equivalent to an AS level) and be taken in addition to your main A level or BTEC choices.  As the name suggests it provides you with an opportunity to research and write a project on any topic that interests you. 

The purpose of this booklet is to give an overview of potential (and current) courses and the career pathways that they could possibly lead onto. It is designed to give a brief overview of a variety of subjects, some more familiar than others, but will not give a detailed insight into the specifications or assessment criteria and should not be taken as a definitive list of subjects that will be offered next year.  More information, including confirmation of the exact courses available, will be available during our 6th Form Open Evening which will take place on Thursday 31st January 2019.

Over the coming year, you will have a great deal of support and advice to help you make the crucial decisions about the next stage in your education. 

This will include a one to one interview with myself or another member of SLT to discuss your next steps (this will occur before the Christmas holidays) and taster lessons in January.  I hope you find this booklet useful and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email address is

Good luck with your decisions.

Please see the Summary of Potential Courses Offered

Mr Lewis 

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